He is thought to be dead, killed by Xavier. He is one of the three Dark Mages, along with Xavier and Xayvion. However, it is revealed by Branislava that Xaviero was used in a spell that would enslave the living. Branislava and Tatijana's blood had been put in a chalice from whitch Xavier and Xaviero drank from. Branislava said that this particular Dark Mage was worse than both of his brothers. When a beautiful mist was created around the two brothers, Xavier stabbed his brother and then, dragged the body from the labratory. However, due to the fact that the triplets all looked alike, there was no real way of knowing which did what or at what time. He was sadistic, enjoying torturing people, especially women and children. While he was with the Lycans as a respected member of the Sacred Circle named Rannalufr, he often counseled the parents, enjoying their grief. Damon, a Lycan hunter, has become mage-shadowed by Xaviero, alerting everyone that he is alive and well.

It appeared that, while Xavier when after Carpathians, Xaviero focused on Lycans and Xayvion on the jaguar race.

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