Travis is the eldest of Falcon and Sara's seven adopted children. His siblings are Peter, Emma, Chrissy, Blythe, Lucas, Jase, and Isabella. Like his adopted siblings, he has an unknown psychic ability. He is eight-years-old in Dark Celebration and eleven in Dark Lycan. He looks up the all the Carpathian hunters, especially Falcon, and has begun to grow out his hair to look like them.

In Dark Slayer, he was first used as bait by vampires to draw out Razvan, but Ivory found him and tried to save him. When Gregori drove Xavier's shards from Razvan, Travis became a host for one of the shards because he hid in the woods nearby to watch the hunters battle with the undead. Because of this, Xavier used him to attack Lara while she and her lifemate, Nicolas, rested and recuperate, leading to Lara undergoing the conversion to save her life. Later, attempt to attack Mikhail. He still has nightmares and blames himself, but he is otherwise unharmed and free of the shard.