Solange is a princess of the Jaguar people and comes from the purest bloodlines. She is a strong warrior and strong will. She is the lifemate of Dominic Dragonseeker.

Dark Hunger Edit

She hates men. When her cousin, Jasmine, is taken by some Jaguar males, she teams up with her cousin, Juliette, to free Jasmine. When Juliette finds her lifemate, she is upset, but still stays near her family to protect them, despite being uncomfortable with being near so many people. She is happy that her cousin is happy.

Dark Possession Edit

She is upset to be near Manolito and MaryAnn, but actively joins the fight when they are attacked. It is revealed that the mage and Jaguars attacking the house are after her, but mistook Jasmine for Solange. Solange attacks the mage to free her cousin, but gets wounded doing so.

Dark Peril Edit

It is revealed that she is hunted by the very people that Dominic is pretending to work with. She is hunting down her father, Brodrick, in order to kill him and in hopes that it will end the rapes that the Jaguar females endure from the males. She knows that because of her pure blood, Brodrick will try to create "perfect Jaguars" with her, forcing her to mate with her own father to do so. However, she and Dominic destroy every vampire, human butcher, and Jaguar in the compound, freeing as many innocent women as possible. Her conversion was not painful, which is unique for someone outside of the Lycan species, and her blood allows any Carpathian who drinks it to walk in the sun for a short time. She and Dominic stay near the De La Cruz Ranch so that Solange can stay near her cousins, but they do not live on it, enjoying the freedom to travel as they please.