Skyler was first introduced as Skyler Rose Thompson. When she was adopted, she changed her last name. Even when finding out she was a Dragonseeker, she kept the name Daratrazanoff to honor her adopted parents. Her whole life, she has been abused in some way, until Francesca and Gabriel find her and give her a safe home for the first time at the age of fourteen.

Early Life Edit

Skyler remembers very little of her early memories other than that of horrendous abuse. However, it is revealed in Dark Curse that Xavier and/or Razvan may have fed from her a few times before selling her and her mother to Skyler's step-father. Not long after, her mother died, leaving her with an alcoholic, drug taking, abusive man who would sell the young girl to his friends to get his fix. This nearly destroyed Skyler, who tried to do many things to get out of that life, only to be given back to her step-father. She finally retreated into her mind to distance herself from the pain and torment.

Dark Legend Edit

Skyler is introduced in Dark Legend as a catatonic young fourteen-year-old living in Paris who suffered unspeakable abuse at the hands of her sadistic alcoholic and drug-using father. Brought to a hospital by her father to treat various injuries, her examining doctor, Brice, contacts Francesca to examine her. Francesca and Gabriel, discovering her memories and her psychic ability, set out to adopt and protect her, with Gabriel dispensing justice on her father.

Dark Celebration Edit

In Dark Celebration, Skyler is a human undergoing the process of conversion into a Carpathian. She is also the adopted sister of Tamara Daratrazanoff and, while not claimed as of yet, the lifemate of Dimitri Tirunul. Skyler is told by Natalya that she is part of the Dragonseeker bloodline, an ancient and powerful Carpathian family, and that Razvan is most likely her father.

Dark Curse Edit

Skyler aides Lara in saving the children.

Dark Slayer Edit

In Dark Slayer, Razvan meets Skyler for the first time, who is clearly nervous. He tells her that she is his child, but that he won't take her from Gabriel and Francesca, much to Skyler's relief. He goes on to tell her that he would still like to get to know her and be in her life.

Dark Lycan Edit

Dimitri is injured during a battle and she feels it while studying in the college library. She heals him over long distance, 200 kilometers, a feat not even Gregori, second to Mikhail, can boast of.

Dark Wolf Edit

Nineteen-year-old Skyler is claimed as Dimitri's lifemate and becomes fully Carpathian. She finally recognizes her Mage blood as being a part of her, allowing her to do more than she ever could before. Razvan and Ivory give the couple their own Carpathian-wolf pack, and Skyler begins her training as a hunter.

Dark Blood Edit

Skyler was worried that she and Dimitri would not be able to have children. However, when it was revealed that Zev is the grandson of Catalina and her mate, Hemming, and that they were Hän ku pesäk kaikak, she is happy to know that they can have children without problems. She is also growing as a hunter like Ivory. It is revealed by the remaining Mage Brothers that she is considered "the child that should have never been born" because she carried the blood of all five species: human, Jaguar, Carpathian, Mage, and Lycan.

Trivia Edit

  • After the revelation in Dark Blood, fans can conclude that Skyler's death could open Xavier's book that was sealed with the blood of all five species.
  • Her Dragonseeker mark isn't always present, disappearing when there isn't any danger. For the longest time, her abusive step-father had told her that it was a brand so that people would know that she belonged to him.
  • Skyler is the only known person to stir colors in her lifemate before the age of 18, due to her mature nature and body. This was caused by the abuse she had suffered from the time she was young, but her lifemate knew he had to wait, and it was almost too late when he did claim her.