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Savannah Dubrinsky Daratrazanoff is the daughter of the Prince of the Carpathians, Mikhail Dubrinsky and his lifemate, Raven Dubrinsky. She is the heroine of Dark Magic, the fourth book in the Dark Series as well as the lifemate of Gregori Daratrazanoff. She is the proud mother of twin girls named Anya and Anastasia.


Early LifeEdit

Savannah Dubrinsky Daratrazanoff was born in the Carpathian Mountains to Mikhail and Raven Dubrinsky. As a growing child in her mother's womb, she previously suffered great trauma when Raven had been shot by humans in Dark Desire. She and her mother, however, were saved by Gregori and her aunt, Shea O'Halloran, both healers to their race. Gregori had spoken to her of the wonders of their world as well as his need for her to survive in order to coax her into staying with her mother instead of letting go (which would have resulted in a miscarriage). Growing up, Savannah had a wolf friend who protected and listened to her troubles. At eighteen, Gregori came to claim her as his lifemate, however growing up listening to stories of his exploits and power as the "Dark One," she feared the loss of self and freedom and fled to her mother's homeland, America.

Dark MagicEdit

The story of Dark Magic takes place five years after her flight from the Carpathian Mountains to America. Savannah is now a famous magician, travelling the country and performing. It is in San Francisco that she once again encounters Gregori, who has come to claim her as his lifemate and this time, there is no escaping her destiny. They soon leave San Francisco, drawing both the fanatical human vampire-hunting society and vampires away from San Francisco to the city of New Orleans.

Dark Slayer Edit

Savannah gives birth to twin girls, Anya and Anastasia.

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