MaryAnn was a counselor in a woman’s shelter in Seattle, Washington. She is independent, strong, courageous and intelligent. She has excellent night vision. She prefers city life to living in forests, liking to wear elegant clothes. Even her casual clothes make her look to elegant for forests. Despite this, she can walk in the woods silently. She has a dream of being handed over to her grandmother as an infant, but she was raised human and believes it to be untrue, until her lifemateManolito, tells her she has Lycan blood in her veins. This causes her to want to talk to her parents to see if her dream is just that, or if it is truly a memory as she thinks.

*NOTE: Though it wasn't talked about in Dark Possession, MaryAnn becomes Hän ku pesäk kaikak due to her werewolf blood and through three blood exchanges with her lifemate, Manolito.*

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