Unlike most vampires, who succumb to the temptation of the thrill of the kill, the Malinov brothers planned to become the undead so they could wrest control of the Carpathian people. They allied with Xavier and Draven in their quest. Before they turned, the five brothers were sent by Vlad to Asia.

The Brothers Edit

Kirja Malinov Edit

Kirja was killed by Rafael in Dark Secret.

Maxim Malinov Edit

Dark Descent Edit

Maxim was the one to take Traian's blood in Dark Descent, making him the first Malinov Brother to make an appearance in the series, though Traian had difficulty recognizing him.

Dark Demon Edit

Maxim set a trap for the prince and those around him. His goal was to not only destroy Mikhail but to also acquire Natalya. He was killed by Mikhail in.

Dark Possession Edit

Maxim is in the land of mist in Dark Possession. Because Manolito forced him to remember his love for his sister, he was able to begin repenting for his sins. It is revealed that Maxim is the youngest of the Malinov Brothers.

Ruslan Malinov Edit

Ruslan was killed by Zacarias in Dark Predator. It is revealed that Ruslan is the eldest of the Malinov Brothers.

Sergey Malinov Edit

Before Turning Edit

Before he turned, he lured Elisabeta by saying he wanted her to go with him to a place he had built in honor of his sister. However, this was his way of capturing her. Elisabeta can help him with his emotions after he turned and he wanted to have what his brothers didn't, and that was his goal. Later, his goal was to put his own plans in motion, and with Elisabeta fully trained from centuries of being his prisoner, it was within sight.

Dark Slayer Edit

Sergey is found by Ivory after taking Travis hostage. Ivory carved a T and R onto his forehead, promising to finish putting the word TRAITOR there for all to see.

Dark Legacy Edit

Sergey manages to get Vadim's heart from Dragomir and hide it from Vadim. Sergey convinced his brother to give him Xavier's shard. After that, both of them disappeared.

Dark Sentinel Edit

Sergey's whereabouts are unknown, only that he is in the San Diego area. Now, his goal is to recapture Elisabeta, since she had been rescued by Gary and Dragomir. In the form of a crow, Sergey put a parasite in Lorraine's skin with his talons. After her conversion, Lorraine was placed in the ground to heal, and that is when the parasite escaped, looking for Elisabeta. However, because there were several ancients there and Ferro turning out to be Elisabeta's lifemate, the parasite was captured and killed itself before the Carpathians could get anything from it.

Vadim Malinov Edit

Dark Crime Edit

Vadim is part of a nest of master vampires in Dark Crime. They have an underground lair where they monitor the movements of Carpathian hunters and psychic human women. Vadim briefly kidnapped Emeline because he wanted to father a child with her and use her to map every continent under ground. She produced a female child, which he used against her.

Dark Legacy Edit

Vadim is the main antagonist of Dark Legacy. He gave his sliver to Sergey when he thought Dragomir had his heart and about to kill him. However, it was Sergey still has a hold of his brother's heart and can use it to control Vadim, or destroy him.

Dark Sentinel Edit

In Dark Sentinel, we find out that Vadim is a prisoner to Sergey, and Sergey is the only one that sees him. We also learn that while Sergey inherited the title of leader from his brothers, many of their followers consider Vadim their true leader.