Luiz was a jaguar male who has worked for many years to restore the dwindling strength of his species. He is now a Carpathian and has been welcomed into the De La Cruz family.

In Dark Possession, Luiz first meets Manolito De La Cruz after the hunter awakes in the jungle, confused. Manolito fights him in order to stay alive but soon finds that a vampire has infiltrated the jaguar ranks and placed a dark suggestion against Carpathians. When asked, Manolito managed to remove the vampire's taint from Luiz's mind. He saved Manolito's lifemate, MaryAnn, as well as Solange and her cousin, Jasmine, but nearly died doing so. He was converted at his request so that he could continue to save his dwindling species.

Two years later, in Dark Blood, Luiz appears at a warrior's council and is welcomed into the De La Cruz family. Manolito and his brother, Zacarias, stand on either side of him in solidarity.

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