Jasmine is gentle by nature. She is of Jaguar descent, as are her sister Juliette and her cousin Solange. Like them, she doesn't trust men, especially Jaguar males.

At the time of Dark Hunger, she was barely out of her teens. She was captured by rogue Jaguar men and raped. Riordan, Juliette's lifemate, helped to rescue her, but the damage had already been done. Because of this incident, her attitude towards men was tinged with fear and she withdrew from her sister because she was with a man.

In Dark Possession, she was willing to donate blood to Manolito when he was injured in battle, one in which Solange was the target, not only of the Jaguar males but a vampire. However, it was revealed that she became pregnant as a result of the rape and told that she couldn't donate. MaryAnn tried to help her open up and get through the difficult memories.