Dark PrinceEdit

Jacques is first introduced in Dark Prince. He is described as the more easygoing of the two Dubrinsky brothers, remembering and reminding others of their early memories of color and emotion, helping the males to stave off the darkness. Jacques is mortally wounded with a gash to the throat while protecting his brother's lifemate from a vampire due to inexperience in the hunt. He is over 800 years old.

Dark DesireEdit

The Jacques in this story is very different from the one first introduced in Dark Prince. The story begins with Jacques experiencing horrendous torture at the hands of fanatical human vampire-hunters. Drugged, tortured and left for dead, he loses much of his memory and mind with only a single link remaining to the world, Shea O'Halloran. He becomes more beast than man, instinct ruling over rationality and inadvertently converts Shea. Due to the torture that shattered his mind, he is always partially mind-merged with Shea to be in constant control of his sanity.