Hemming married Catalina, a woman found after a Sange rau attack and thought to be a Lycan child. She raised among the pack and helped them in many ways with her abilities as a seer. When Catalina started having visions and asked to speak to Vladimir Dubrinsky, Hemming supported his mate the best he could. However, when the pack found out Catalina's secret and sentenced her to death, he wanted to save her, asking her advice. He was told to run with their daughter and let the pack kill Catalina. He did as he was told, though it killed him to do so. Alone, he raised his daughter, Aubrey, who died during child birth. His grandson is Zev Hunter. Later, Hemming was captured and tortured for many years. Many thought him dead due to his disappearance.

In Dark Wolf, he is thought to be one of the snipers that attacked the meeting place of the Lycan council and the Carpathian hunters. He is said to be part of the Sacred Circle in the Lycan community.

In Dark Blood, he was meant to be used as a sacrifice by Xaviero and Xayvion to bring back their brother, Xavier, from the dead. He was wrapped in silver chains to keep him from moving. The chains had burned their way into his very bones. It is revealed to him that Zev is Hän ku pesäk kaikak, Guardian of All, and not Sange rau, just as he had become a Guardian from exchanging blood with his mate. Hemming was glad that his mate and grandson were not the monsters his pack had feared. The chains that held him had fused with his bones and the Carpathians that came to help save him had no choice but to allow him to go to the next world, but they made the journey easier for him. He died knowing that Zev would be taken care of by his lifemate, Branislava Dragonseeker. He passed away, happy to see his Catalina once more.

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