Emeline's mother died when she was three years old and her father disappeared. Her other relatives didn't take care of her, so she spent most of her time on the street. When she was ten, Emeline started crawling into Blaze McGuire's bedroom window from the fire escape and sleeping there. The girls frequently shared the same dream about running from vampires.

Eight months before the events of Dark Crime, Emeline saw two vampires kill a couple. She reported it to the police, who dismissed her claims. She became afraid that she was being followed, so Blaze's father, Sean, helped her flee the United States to France. When Sean was killed by mobsters working for the vampires, Emeline returned and got a job as a stripper at the mobsters' club. She revealed that she is attracted to macho, bossy, arrogant "bad boys," and she loves tats, muscles, and motorcycles. She was briefly kidnapped by Vadim Malinov, who wanted to father a child with her. She was badly beaten and traumatized.

In Dark Carousel, she stays in a house on Maxim's property. She keeps the rooms dark, refuses to talk about what happened with Vadim, and refuses to see anyone, even Blaze. It is well known that Vadim forced her to make a blood exchange. Charlotte Vintage, who had met Emeline in Paris before Vadim's attack, tried to talk to Emeline, but she still couldn't face what the vampire had done to her.

In Dark Legacy, she has dreams about Dragomir Kozul, but they always end with him dying. However, Vadim whispers to her nightly and tortures her, just like he does to his other victims, but he goes farther than the others, telling her that she is his lifemate. This is, of course, a lie as Dragomir is her true lifemate, but what Vadim tells her keeps her from allowing Tariq, Maxim, and the other ancients from converting her, even if little Liv tells her it will end the torture that Emmy is suffering every night. She is determined to sacrifice herself to the last of the Malinov Brothers to save those she cares about, but the draw of lifemates is strong and she is saved by Dragomir, but at a terrible price.

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