Draven is Mikhail's older brother. It was revealed that he and his sister, Noelle, shared the same strange illness where a Carpathian wants someone who isn't their true lifemate. He coveted Ivory Malinov because "he is royalty and deserves any woman he wanted," and he want only Ivory for her beauty. She denied his advances, causing him to kill Rhiannon's lifemate to Xavier for Ivory. When she still refused him, he cut her body into several prices and left her for the wolves to eat.

In the Land of Mist, he worked with many vampires, including Maxim Malinov, to us Manolito De La Cruz's lifemate, MaryAnn Delaney, to return to the Land of the Living. When Manolito made Maxim face memories of Ivory, presumed dead at the time, Maxim began to repent for his sins. His parents, Vladimir and Sarantha, sent him to be judged for his crimes, something they regretted not doing while alive and preventing the possible extinction of the Carpathian species.

Under Mikhial's command, Gregori was the one to hunt and dispense justice to Draven.

In the web series, Before the Dark, the bonus episode, A Fate Sealed in Blood, revealed that Yana the Empath was his lifemate even though she was human. If he had been aloud to claim her, Draven would have been the first Carpathian to be mated with a human.