Dimitri is a centuries-old Carpathian male who has spent centuries alone in Russia in the form of a wolf. He is a renowned scientist and he founded an organization that protects wolves in Russia.

In Dark Celebration, Dimitri is on the verge of losing his soul and becoming the vampire of human nightmares. When Skyler and Alexandria are attacked on the way to taking Skyler back home, Dimitri saves her life by making her drink his blood whilst under compulsion, to save her the discomfort of being near a male. At this point it is revealed that Dimitri and Skyler are lifemates, but he does not claim her because she is too young and she needs more time to heal from her traumatic past.

In Dark Wolf, Dimitri has been captured and tortured by Lycans. Skyler and her friends Josef and Paul Chevez travel to the Carpathian Mountains to rescue him. Afterward, Dimitri and Skyler complete the lifemate bond. It remains to be seen whether they will be able to have children since Dimitri is Hän ku pesäk kaikak.