At the age of two, Barak was saved by Darius Daratrazanoff, along with Desari Daratrazanoff, Savon, Dayan, and Syndil. He is introduced in Dark Challenge. He was known as the playboy of his foster family until the day Savon brutalized Syndil. Instead of bringing his usual easygoing self, he became quiet and protective of Syndil, often trying to dictate her. He claimed Syndil in Dark Fire. He reveals the moment he realized his feelings for her in Dark Celebration, though he thought his feelings disgusting at the time because they were foster siblings. Unlike other Carpathian males, he never lost his feelings or colors after two hundred years because Syndil was always with him. In Dark Melody, he gives blood to his human friend, Cullen Tucker, to save his life, tying them together until Cullen dies.